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Twelve true stories of incredible pioneer women from all walks of life and backgrounds.



Finding Fairies


Discover fairy legends, recipes and crafts from every continent. 


ages 4 and up



Sequel to "The Water is Wide" Historical fiction pioneer novel; Mima continues west 


ages 13 to adult 

The Water is Wide


Historical fiction novel following 15-year-old Mima from England to a strange, new land.


ages 13 to adult



Pioneer Puzzle


Twins Nathan and Aria find an enchanted tunnel that takes them to the time of pioneers.


ages 5 to 12



Escape from Egypt


The twins narrowly escape Pharoah's army.


ages 5 to 12



Journey to Jerusalem


Nathan and Aria find themselves in the old city of Jerusalem, and meet a very unusual boy.


ages 5 to 12



Wandering in the Wilderness


The twins return to the tunnel, which takes them to the Arabian desert where a broken bow is causing havoc.


ages 5 to 12



"The Water is Wide" Reading Guide
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LDS Storymakers in May

"Nearer to Thee," Book Two of the Mima Journals will be released in May!

"Frontier Grit "will be released in Fall 2016! 

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